Adam & Kerry Anderson

Meet the couple transforming entrepreneurial success across the globe.

Building a successful business came with a cost.

At the peak of his career, Adam sold his 13 year old cybersecurity company. To the outside world, it probably looked like he was a bustling, successful entrepreneur. But inside, he was miserable. Kerry and Adam had been struggling in their marriage for almost 5 years, leaving him to further his addiction to business and put walls up in the relationship. Kerry was feeling equally as frustrated, taking on the role of caretaker and mother most of the time without having the support she needed. 

While Adam spent longer hours at work and more trips away from home, Kerry began to focus more and more on doing her own personal development work. She needed to find support through the challenges their marriage was presenting. Although she reached out to friends, they didn’t fully understand the unique set of problems they were having as an entrepreneurial family. Her quest to better their partnership inspired Adam to also take action and begin to see how they could improve their relationship together.

Finding support specifically for entrepreneurs seemed next to impossible.

As Adam and Kerry began to repair their relationship in ways specific to entrepreneurs, she was inspired to write the Amazon #1 Best Seller “In Bed With The Business”, a guidepost sharing their unique story with perspectives on how to have a strong, flourishing relationship. In it, she provided the tools and techniques they’ve found most beneficial to navigating through the chaos and stepping into a thriving partnership. 

They noticed a need for this kind of support more and more, as Kerry was contacted by families with challenging commitments or duties to organizations, and Adam was mentoring young entrepreneurs who were asking how to integrate their family life with their business.

When it felt like we were doing it together, it was a lot less scary.

– Kerry

“She can be imperfect around me because she knows I’m also in this for her.”

– Adam

A fast-growing need turns into a movement for lasting change.

Surprisingly, the more they felt called to serve those with entrepreneurial challenges, the more they realized how little support there is out there for these types of challenges. The unique stressors entrepreneurs and their families face aren’t being addressed in the larger business community. There’s plenty of support out there for relationships in general, but none that specifically target how to improve entrepreneurial ones.

Knowing they were on to something, Adam & Kerry took what they learned from our personal experience, and the tools shared in In Bed With The Business and brought their ideas to the Dynamite Circle in Bangkok, an annual entrepreneurial conference. The feedback they received was incredible — entrepreneurs hungry for change in their partnerships were grateful for our guidance, and hungry to learn more. 

What was initially a call to find solutions within their own marriage had now turned into a full-on movement.

Whole Life Entrepreneurship aims to help entrepreneurs achieve success without regrets on all levels.


Entrepreneurs face different challenges than traditional 9-5’ers.

What Adam and Kerry both realized during these dark, scary times in their business & marriage is that, as much as they felt misunderstood, they both wanted to feel:


Adam wanted to feel like all of his stress and hard work wasn’t taken for granted. He wanted me to admire him for his success, not resent him for his dedication to business. Kerry wanted to be acknowledged for all that goes into running their family. She didn’t want to feel like all of their family’s responsibilities fell on her shoulders.


Not only did they both want empathy from each other, they also wanted their peers or friends to understand what they were struggling with. Those surrounding them who weren’t entrepreneurs looked at them as if we “had it all” just because they were financially successful. Deep down, they both wanted validation and understanding.


Adam and Kerry both felt isolated in their separate roles. They certainly weren’t as connected as a couple, but also didn’t have the supportive community around them to not feel alone. Kerry felt just as isolated in her experience as an entrepreneur’s partner as did Adam.


Although financial success had come as a part of Adam’s entrepreneurial path, they both wanted to feel like that transferred into their partnership, family life, and who they are as individuals. Neither of them wanted to feel as if they worked so hard and didn’t have the joy, fulfillment, and purpose they desired along with it.

“As a business owner, you’re supposed to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. No one tells you ‘good job.’ Kerry is the one person in this whole world who will tell me ‘good job’ and I will believe her.”

– Adam

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Create success through mastering personal development and core relationships.

Is it really success if it isn’t reaching across all levels of your life? We don’t believe so.

As an entrepreneur, transforming your life through the Whole Life process can help you:

  • Better your business — by removing barriers to hard conversations, you’ll become in sync with your partner again and gain more joy and fulfillment 
  • Increase your profits — through improving conversational and listening skills, you’ll be able to listen and collect the data needed to make better decisions in your company 
  • Speed up business growth — with living a more balanced, holistic life, you’ll sustainably grow your business to the next level without sacrificing your relationships 
  • Find community who understands — by surrounding yourself with others who can relate with empathy, you’ll feel understood and supported 
  • Held accountable to change — WLE’s ongoing support, Whole Life Council, and coaching model will keep you growing into holistic success for the long term

The only way we’ve been able to shift the trajectory of our relationship and individual lives out of struggle, instability, and conflict, was through running our family like a business.

By creating a healthy balance between business and household responsibilities, we’ve both felt present and fulfilled in our family relationships. 

Through developing a community of other entrepreneurial partnerships and families, we’ve had the understanding and empathy we need to feel supported, validated, and heard.

By learning how to manage expectations, and understand our personal and family values, we’ve created structure with healthy communication. 

From learning to be okay with ourselves as individuals and come back to our personal identities, we’ve felt safe to take time to relax alone or together. 

By making quality time with our family and with each other a priority, we’ve recommitted to our loving connection and making memories as a family. 

You can have a successful business, relationship and personal life without regrets.

Let Whole Life Entrepreneurship be the key to unlocking your most successful, cohesive person, people, profit and purpose.


“WLE changed my business and family life”

– Jesse Johnson

We’re on a mission to enrich entrepreneurial lives by providing opportunities and guidance to chill, enhance communication, and foster community.


Not only has working with the Whole Life Entrepreneurship methodology helped repair our business and relationship, it has helped us create the success we each desire as individuals on all levels. Entrepreneurs and their partners have their own unique challenges that require a holistic model for support. We aim to be that lighthouse for transforming entrepreneurial lives across the world.

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