Wow. What a trip this has been to Bangkok, Thailand! Specifically, I want to touch on my experience with the DCBKK. The Dynamite Circle is a community of business and entrepreneur masterminds and thIis was their annual conference.

I was given the opportunity to do a breakout session before the conference started loosely based on my book, In Bed With the Business.  I was so excited to do it because, not only am I passionate about the idea that all business owning families could benefit from a heart check on their relationship statuses, I was also hoping to get some feedback on an idea that I had. I wanted to know if there would be any interest in a community forum that addressed the relational issues that happen as a result of a stressful business lifestyle.

I went into this thinking Adam and I would be having drinks with a few couples to discuss some of their particular relationship challenges. I never EVER expected that I would be doing a full on round table with 36 of some of the smartest people IN THE WORLD. It was an amazing and humbling experience to see that we had this thing in common, this struggle to be successful on all of life’s fronts. It is so validating to know that this is actually valuable stuff.

The other thing I really took note of was how eager people were to acknowledge that this is an important topic, but how uncomfortable it made them when it was said out loud. These people werehere to mastermind for their global businesses. They’re here to collaborate on some of the biggest and most progressive ideas circulating the global market right now. They have been sitting in conference rooms talking numbers and strategies, a place where they shine, feel confident, and get energized. Then I asked them to talk about their feelings! You could feel the tension in the room. It is a very important topic, but it’s also scary because it’s so personal. Still. I had to ask the question IS SUCCESS REALLY SUCCESS IF IT DOESN’T SPAN ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE?

We spent the rest of the hour touching on the challenges associated with three topics; community, communication, and “chilling”. There were so many varying types of relationships represented there. People were discussing and advising each other about how they ran their own households and how they dealt with their own challenges. They were literally masterminding relationships! It was incredible.

I was really interested in knowing what kind of content a community like this would be interested in and here are some of the things I heard:

-more information about varying relationship types (co-owner couples, multi business families, multi location families, location independent families, boss/employee families, etc.)
-tele/video counseling resources
-communication technique options
-relationship conflict resolution tools
-an understanding of why this accessory work is even important? Why work at this? Why counseling? Why fix something that ain’t broke?
-an open discussion forums
-more opportunities to connect, commiserate, and collaborate  

Additionally, we have learned SO much about how to go about building such a community while here at the conference. This is going to be such an exciting project to launch. As I continue to clarify the vision I’d love feedback and topic requests from you, the reader. Use the contact link to email me. And don’t forget to like, comment, share and, of course, sign up for my email list.

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