Wow. Just… wow. I cannot even believe that this is my life!

Adam and I both feel so blessed to have had our lives touched by each and every one of the speakers on this summit. 

  • Colin Morgan gave us a glimpse at what it looks like to live our lives with the discipline of an athlete. 
  • Jaime Jay shared how he and his wife Sara have blended their life with the business they run together. 
  • Nancy Gaines showed us how to apply productivity processes to our work and family lives. 
  • Diane Helbig shed some light on how best to build networks and communities to support our businesses. 
  • André Machado challenged us to dive deep and change our thoughts and feelings about money.  
  • Thor Conklin dropped some mad wisdom on what the path to success actually looks like.
  • Kiri-Maree Moore showed us how to rewire our mental pathways and taught us how to hack into decision making.  
  • Trisha Harp verified what we all suspected; that entrepreneurial relationships are a special brand of challenging and need to be handled with care.  

The amount of wisdom and knowledge we’ve experienced is absolutely incredible!

I might even venture to say that Adam and I have been changed by the whole experience.

We can’t wait to look through our own lives and see where we can apply these lessons and inch our lives closer towards wholeness. 

It’s probably a little scary to think that all of this is over and all we’ve learnedwill just go away. But, there’s still a little time. All the videos will be available for the rest of the week.  

We’ve also been able to bundle all this great material into one nice neat package that you can devour over and over again. That way you can share it with your partner and anyone else you think could use it! 

Imagine how your life could be transformed if the two of you could build out a life headed straight for success–TOGETHER. 

Success is just on the other side of knowledge, so I encourage you to go after it with everything you’ve got!

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