Hi.  We are Kerry and Adam Anderson. Adam is a long-time business owner and entrepreneur and while that lifestyle has afforded us some really cool opportunities, the stressors associated with it lent to some serious problems in our relationship and our household. We had some really dark years and came very close to divorce on more than one occasion.  We were buried under mountains of isolation, stress, and fear. I stayed angry and resentful and the day-to-day pressure Adam experienced lead to some self-destructive behaviors that hurt us all. We were forced to really look at how we were operating our family alongside our business or we risked losing it all.  

So…. We went to therapy, we BOTH worked hard, and we started changing how we operated our household.  The result was surprisingly successful. Talking with other business owning families made us realize how common these problems were among people like us and what a gap there was in support. After writing the book, In Bed With The Business, it became even more apparent that a community could be built in which we as business owning families could learn and help each other.  

We’d like to welcome you to Whole Life Entrepreneurship. We are so excited to be able to be a part of this community! The purpose of WLE is to be a place of encouragement, support, and collaboration for couples and families who live this unique lifestyle. This will be a safe space for you and your partner to come and engage with other business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, AND their partners.   

Every week Adam and Kerry will introduce a topic of discussion.  Having an open dialogue about couple and family-related issues will give us the opportunity to learn and grow through each other. As a WLE member, we welcome and encourage your questions and interactions. It’s through these interactions and insights that we hope to redefine success to include success in our personal and home lives as well.  

We really want this to be a collaborative effort since everyone’s experiences are so unique and we really hope that this really helps to fill that gap of support and launch us all into better, stronger, healthier relationships.  We ARE capable of being successful in our personal lives and our business lives. We CAN have it all. Welcome to Whole Life Entrepreneurship!

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