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The Whole Life Council

The Whole Life Council is a place for executives & their life partners to focus on themselves and their relationships, so they can be the leaders the world needs them to be.

Ready to take a full dive into our in-depth process of Whole Life Entrepreneurship (WLE)? 

What joining the council includes:
✔ A daily teaching from Adam & Kerry
✔ An “At Your Own Pace” Workbook on the WLE Method
✔ Membership in the WLE online community
✔ Access to self-guided tools and assessments
✔ Access to all WLE events
✔ Individualized welcome & introduction

Private Coaching

Ready to take a full dive into our in-depth process of Whole Life Entrepreneurship? 

We know as well as any other entrepreneur the full spectrum of stress having a business can put on your self-care & relationships. 

Through our individualized coaching support, we’re able to guide you through a transformation to find a balance among all aspects of your life – business, family & personal. 

Change doesn’t occur overnight — and implementing a new way of how you relate requires dedicated effort. With us by your side, you can eliminate stagnation in your personal growth and be held accountable to continue transforming when things get tough. 

The Whole Life Council

Join our community for even more benefits.

We’ve cultivated a place where both entrepreneurs & their partners can access insights from the Anderson family and connect with other peers to share wins, seek support during hard times and take advantage of special resources.

Peer Support


Increased Profitability

Better Relationships

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What we will cover:

• The things holding you back from work-life balance

• Why you aren’t actually successful if you only focus on profit

• How to have better business results, relationships and self care

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